lundi 10 août 2020

Download Garena Free Fire : Evolution APK v1.52.0

Download Garena Free Fire : Evolution APK v1.52.0

Free Fire - Free Fire may be a third-person shooter action game for Android mobile phones during which you simply need to fight for survival.
This Android game has received a score of 4.4 from users on Google Play and has been downloaded quite 700 million times, which shows the high popularity of this game.

Each 10-minute Free Fire game puts you on a foreign island facing 49 other players online, all of whom are looking to survive.
Players freely choose their start line with the parachute from which they first land, and their goal is to remain within the area as safe as possible. In Firefighter Android game, attempt to select the farthest area when landing with a parachute.

Since the sport areas are very wide and it are often said that it's almost a Free World game, to maneuver during this vast map, you'll ride on vehicles and use them to maneuver . remember that the vehicles you ride during this game are vulnerable and erupt together with your opponents' bullets, so you want to protect the car from their bullet bites.

When you are on foot, you'll stand behind rocks or bushes to avoid enemy bullets.
Ambushing, shooting, surviving, there's just one goal in Free fire: to survive and answer the decision of duty.

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