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Download Resort Hotel: Bay Story Android APK v1.17.8

Download Resort Hotel: Bay Story Android APK v1.17.8

Resort Hotel: Bay Story is an entertaining puzzle-style puzzle game designed by WhaleApp LTD Studios for Android and iPhone and has been published within the marketplace for free and today at your request we brought the newest game version with the free version of the hack for you to download! during this game there are two main parts which are management and puzzle. There are amazing and colorful designs that make this game a perfect choice for those that want to enjoy a replacement and delightful game. during this game you play a lass named Alice who intends to rebuild and restart her old hotel out of the family. you'll repair this hotel, manage, customize and decorate all parts to your taste. Also, since your hotel is found on the brink of the beach, you'll help make the beach hotel more attractive by creating and expanding beautiful piers! Among the tasks in Resort Hotel: Bay Story you'll create and develop lush gardens, create shops and bars, change the inside decoration of the hotel or the surface area of the hotel, design recreational areas on the beach. within the puzzle game section, you'll solve the puzzle by matching 3 similar puzzles with very imaginative and childish atmosphere, matching similar puzzle elements and thus earning points and gold. This section is additionally designed with different elements.

Resort Hotel: Bay Story - Resort Hotel: B Story, with over 1 million downloads on Google Play, has become one among the foremost exciting puzzle and management games lately . If you furthermore may want to hitch fans of this game, you'll now easily download it with an immediate and free link. Also, to find out more about the gameplay and game graphics, you'll see the photographs .

Game Features of Resort Hotel: Bay Story:

it's a stimulating story
Experience managing hotels and managing large beach hotels
Solve different and difficult puzzles and puzzles to earn points and gold
the sport combines two parts management and puzzle
the power to make a store , bar, beach pier and ...
the power to create and expand outdoor gardens
Ability to manage different parts of the hotel
There are interesting characters with different adventures
There are dozens of various items within the game sections
Save daily points and gifts.

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